Arkansas Forests and Drinking Water

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The Cost of Source Water Protection

Robert Morgan, Ph.D. January 19, 2018 Source water protection (SWP) is an essential element of any public water systems treatment scheme. Unfortunately, in many utilities the program is underfunded and often under appreciated. Funding for SWP is frequently dependent upon…

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A Day Without Water

October 10, 2018 is the date of the fourth annual ‘Imagine a Day Without Water’ campaign. Water is such a given factor in our daily lives that it is hard to imagine going without. Water is also so convenient, most…

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Harmful Algae Blooms

June 17, 1793 Seaman John Carter on George Vancouver’s voyage of discovery along the coast of British Columbia died. A few days earlier Seaman Carter and some others ate fresh mussels that they collected in a cove along the coast….

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Clean Drinking Water

The second half of the Arkansas Forestry and Drinking Water Collaborative’s vision statement is, ‘…Clean Drinking Water’. This raises the question of what constitutes clean drinking water with respect to forestry. Water quality, according to the United States Geological Survey…

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